3D html (webgl) to .obj or .stl

Is there a program or way to open webgl model (.html) and save it as .obj?
I want to 3D print and I need .obj file format.
Thank you


You’ll need to provide more detail about what you’re trying to do — an HTML file could contain anything at all, and isn’t necessarily a 3D model or even related to WebGL. If you have a scene in three.js, you can probably use THREE.OBJExporter to create an OBJ. If you can’t create the scene in three.js, I don’t think three.js will help you export to OBJ here.

Hi Don,
I know Three.js can export .obj but I am unable to load the .html file into the Three.
See the file. S1 3D.rar (2.5 MB)

The HTML is just a wrapper around pretty much anything… you won’t be able to convert the HTML file directly. If you look at line 1809 you’ll see a long string of data, which is the content of a ZLB file. That contains the actual 3D data. Unfortunately threejs is not going to be much help to you here… even if you extract the ZLB file from the HTML, I don’t know what to do with it.

This is a minified viewer loading a embeded file. From the site u’ve downloaded the standalone viewer like this file:

When you download a file there you can select a format, just select OBJ, not WebGL HTML, it’s a standalone viewer.

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That sounds much more manageable :sweat_smile:

Unfortunately I am unable to save this file as .obj or any other format.
I have only this .html file.
But somehow the browser interprets the geometry and so there should be a way to get it back to obj or other format.

Thank you