3D Graphic designer proficient in Three.js – Ircam, Paris

Hi everyone,

For an artistic, musical and creative project co-produced by Ircam (Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris) we are looking for a visual/graphic designer proficient in Three.JS to help us shape the “musical geographies” we are building.

As of now, we are a team of two person (inside and with full support of the Ircam institution): a contemporary music composer, Giulia L. and myself. I am in charge of the whole code development for now and I am skilled and knowledgable on the (web)audio/music part – also, other talented people at Ircam can be very helpful on other audio/music aspects.

I learned rather easily how to use Three.JS for this project and I am quite happy to assemble coloured boxes, spheres and lines. But I have no real graphic background or skill (and no time to seriously develop it) to make it more appealing and push this project to its full visual potential.

So we are looking of a person who could interact with us both on the design and the code of the project. We’d be happy to discuss graphic topolgies, paths, UI and rendering of the universe we are developing. And I’d be happy to have another person pushing modifications to the git of the project and build up the code together :wink:

If this dual profile correspond to somebody here, please, feel free to answer to this post and we’ll engage the dialog.


NB: just for info, it would be a few week’s work and modalities are to discuss but overall estimate of budget for the position is around 7500€.


Sounds artistic and intriguing - mind sharing some more info on contact@wtlstudio.com ? We’re doing development and 3d modelling mainly, but I might also have just the right person to help with matching the visuals to the contemporary art.

Sure, I can send you a link to the current prototype… not to be distributed.
It’s in your mailbox!

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PM sent. Please check

Hi Benjamin, I am London based Designer/Developer - https://workwork.fun / https://mielniczuk.com/blog/me - I compose also music, all rounder since 2000 building rich media websites in Actionscript/Flash then Javascript for desktop and mobile, I develop also native apps for iOS/Android. I love tools like Blender to quickly do some modelling, I do Animation and Motiongraphics but ThreeJS is all the way to build 3D XR’s - happy to help! mailto: sylwester@workwork.fun, mobile: +44 7435 095 295. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Hi Benjamin,

I would be really interested in developing the graphic component of your project. I spent a lot of my youth playing experimental and classical music so I am very familiar with a lot of the theory and background of contemporary classical music and the work of IRCAM as well as the tradition of graphic scores and visual music. As a visual artist, I have created live visuals for theatre shows and concerts including for the London Contemporary Orchestra and Moby at the Roundhouse and more recently creating visuals for a performance by a Royal Ballet dancer at the Auditorio Nacional in Mexico. I’m currently in the middle of developing a project using Three.js to drive robot motion from motion capture data which you can see at http://hypergesture.jklucy.com/

you can see my full portfolio at

and a full cv at

If you would like to discuss more, my email is jklucy2@gmail.com


Hi @BenCello,

your projects sounds very interesting to me - PM sent!


Hi All,
Thank you for your answers and very sorry for not replying to each of you yet. I am very impressed by the reactivity and a propos of your profiles.

The “coming back to workplace” did not exactly go as I expected and I’m striving to get everything in order. So, please, do not feel offended if I did not answer to your PMs as well. I’ll try to do so as soon as possible.

I’ll keep in touch,


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