3d face vectors


I’m french so I’m not really familiar with face recognition related terms. It makes difficult to search with good terms. That’s why I ask here, showing a description of what i wanna do.

It’s based on face recognition, i found many libraries to put a rectangle on faces.

But in my case, I want get 3D face coordinates. I mean points or 3d coordinates of detection points, there is an image of my goal :

It’s 2D result but it’s the closest example. After this, i create an SVG and put circles then lines.

Anyone know if it’s possible with three.js or other library ?


  1. Three is probably not a good library to do what you are trying to do - while you can do 2D with three, CanvasAPI is usually more readable and easier for that purpose.
  2. The term you’re looking for is called face landmarks or landmark detection.
  3. Maybe face-api can help you (they also share the source code, so if your aim is to learn ML - it may also be useful.)

Thank you, i will search for these terms :slight_smile: