2D graphics forms

Hi everybody,

I’m new on this forum and I hope to be in the right place.
I’m working on a migration from winform desktop app project to web app project (angular).
There’re many graphic’s forms, just 2D, but there’re a lot of shapes.
Now, with a propretary 2D engine, we can draw any shapes, zoom, drag and pan, without any particular difficulties. Also we can have more than 500k shapes in the model with a good performance.

Can I do something similar with Three.JS?

three.js is a 3D engine. You probably want to ask this question at the PixiJS community which better suits your use case:

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Thanks for the answer, but why I can’t use Three.js for my purpose?

A 3D engine is usually not intended and thus optimized for pure 2D applications. That’s why 2D engines exist.

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