Wrong texture color when basic postprocessing is applied

Hi, I have this very simple example in which the color of the texture is wrong if post processing is enabled

Click the button at the top to switch between postprocessing and normal rendering

To make the example as simple as possible, I have only applied a render pass and an output pass

The issue is very similar to this Effect Composer Gamma Output Difference and also to this Getting ugly color Effect while Using Post-Processing but the suggested fixes are not working for me

FloatType in the render target does not seem to make any difference, the same happens if I don’t pass a custom renderTarget; also using GammaCorrectionShader instead of OutputPass does not make any difference

They should look the same if you leave only the RenderPass - without either OutputPass or the GammaCorrectionPass.

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Unfortunately this is not a solution, because adding even a single postprocessing effect require that you ultimately use color correction

In this new example I only add fxaa and another plane mesh, and you see that the colors (both of the scene and of the plane) becomes wrong and would require color correction

Adding FXAA is only an example, I could have used any pass like OutlinePass and the same would happen