Wrapping PlaneGeometry around CylinderGeometry

I used CylinderGeometry to make a “cone” shape by making the Cylinder’s bottom radius be bigger than it’s top radius - see the image (and also the fiddle here:)


What I’d like to do next is “wrap” simple PlaneGeometry rectangles around the entire perimeter of this Cylinder, and have them angled so they’re lying correctly on top of and matching the angle of my cone-cylinder.

Check out this image - and again, the fiddle:

Particularly curious how this could be done so that if I happen to change the value of the cone’s bottom radius (or top radius for that matter), the Yellow tiles would automatically adjust their angle so that they’re still “lying” correctly on top of the new angle’s value.

Any clues?

Depends on your goal.
But an easy way is to put planes in circular formation, using sin and cos functions.
Example: https://jsfiddle.net/prisoner849/deyLc8qk/

PS It’s not the ultimate solution. It’s just a concept.

when you say “depends on your goal” - your code is almost perfect, EXCEPT that the yellow patches are not resting on top of and touching the red cylinder. There’s clearly space between them and the Cylinder - and I’m looking to have none.

I tried tweaking some values - where did you get the value of 11 for multiplyScalar in the following line (line 82) ?


I also see the value of 11 in line 86:

  let lookY = 11 * - Math.tan(sideAngle);

11 is the distance from the center of the scene to the position of a patch.
Cylinder’s top radius is 8, bottom radius is 12, in between of them is 10, so I put all patches 1 unit further than that middle radius, thus 11 :slight_smile:

Ok that’s kinda what I thought - but given I know so little about all this I had to ask just to make sure this wasn’t yet another exotic esoteric magical piece of knowledge I wasn’t aware of :nerd_face: