Working around the Low Aliased Pointsize on the new M1 Macbook Pros

I’ve heard from a friend that the new M1 MacBook Pros have an aliased point size range of [0, 64], which is much smaller than older devices (e.g. my 2015 MacBook Pro has a range of [0, 255.875] according to

Is there anything one can do to increase the aliased point size range of a device? Or if anyone has experience in this area, would other point size ranges be more capacious on the M1 Macs? Can one specify some hidden flag to overcome a point size limitation? Any pointers would be hugely helpful!

WebGL actually only requires a max point size of 1. So if your application relies on larger sizes, things can easily break on certain devices. More information in this thread: macos - Why is GL_ALIASED_POINT_SIZE different between WebGL and Cocoa? - Stack Overflow

In any event, there is no way to hack around this limitation. There is also no flag that you can set since the reported value of ALIASED_POINT_SIZE_RANGE is a driver spec.

Keep in mind that with WebGPU points will always have the size of 1 pixel. So it’s probably better to go for instanced plane meshes if you need sprites or billboards and ever plan to upgrade your app to WebGPU.

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Aha! Thanks very much @Mungen87! Quads it is!