Worker. Problem ImageBitmap using the method "CanvasTexture.toJSON()" on the worker side

On the worker side I use ImageBitmapLoader, CanvasTexture. I create an object and put it in storage using the new Mesh(..., ...).toJSON() method

As a result, I lose the image. In the logs I see images[uuid] = { uuid: '...', url: undefined } }

After a little research and looking for a solution to the problem, it seemed to me that I needed to modify the ImageUtils.getDataURL()

The part of my solution to fix:

export default class WorkerImageUtils {
  async getDataURL(image) {
    const canvas = new OffscreenCanvas(image.width, image.height)

    const context = canvas.getContext('bitmaprenderer')

    return await canvas.convertToBlob() .then(blob => {
      return new FileReaderSync().readAsDataURL(blob)