Wireframe color with flatShading on?

new THREE.MeshPhongMaterial( { side: 2 flatShading: 1, wireframe: !1 } );

The result is always black. Any solution besides turning off flat shading?

Don’t you need to set the color property?

It’s white by default.

The most confusing part in that broadwide piece of code is this:
{ side: 2 flatShading: 1, wireframe: !1 },
shouldn’t there be a comma between 2 and flatShading?

It would be better to provide a live code example, but who cares about it, when users of the forum have telepathic abilities and can re-create a scene just provided with one line of code!

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@ prisoner849, Yes there should be a comma. ( bad eyes )

You don’t need to use your super-human abilities to see the problem. So far, MeshBasicMaterial is the only shader that behaves as expected.

Set Material to:
new THREE.MeshPhongMaterial( { side: 2, flatShading: 1} );
Dynamically toggle wireframe.
Look at the color of wireframe.


Is it a problem to provide a working example with jsfiddle, codepen etc.? :slight_smile:
I can wait for one, as the question seems not so urgent.

@ prisoner849, Never used them. But can provide attachment with working codes.
Don’t worry about it. Seems to be a minor case of hiccup.
Any luck with vertex color interpolation ?

Just for clarification: I’m asking for a working example not because I want to have it for an unknown reason :slight_smile:
Providing such an example, you give people as much information as possible thus there will be no such minor quesions like if you have a light source in yoru scene, its position and so on, and you can get help quicker :beers:

This is off of this thread, but for now I’m out of ideas about interpolation, though I’m still thinking on it :slight_smile:

Live demo: https://jsfiddle.net/pe3owrvx/

I’m unable to reproduce the issue.

@Mugen87, Buttons work like on/off switch. Click on the same button again to toggle flatshading effect.

**Source Code: ** WF_.html (118.4 KB)

Now I see what you mean. It’s just necessary to increase the complexity of the geometry a bit:


After debugging it seems that the combination of both parameters is not supported. In general, it makes no sense to turn on flat shading when rendering a mesh as a wireframe. So I don’t think it’s worth the effort to prevent this in some way within the library.

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