Why will there be jaggies even after using MSAA

I used outlinepass in my application, and then used MSAA to anti-aliasing, so far I found that the anti-aliasing effect has taken effect, but when I pull the camera lens far away and render a certain angle, I will find some small jaggedness brought by the magnification, please help me to see what is the reason for this, and how to deal with it?
These shadows disappear after the lens is adjusted and pulled closer

if (renderer?.capabilities.isWebGL2) {
    renderTarget = new WebGLRenderTarget(width, height, { samples: 4 })
    // renderTarget = new WebGLRenderTarget(width, height)
  } else {
    renderTarget = new WebGLRenderTarget(width, height)


this.outlinePass = new OutlinePass(new Vector2(width, height), scene, camera)
this.outlinePass!.edgeStrength = 2.5
this.outlinePass!.pulsePeriod = 2.5
this.outlinePass!.edgeGlow = 1
this.outlinePass!.edgeThickness = 2

I have no experience with Outline and MSAA effects, so the rest of the text might be of no use for you → Anyway, are you sure the artifacts are related to the antialiasing? They look more like lack of sufficient depth precision. It might happen when the frustum is too big and the objects are all at the far end of the frustum.

Thank you for your reply, I have solved the problem, here is the depth problem, not the problem caused by jaggedness.
Thanks again for your reply!

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