Antialiasing not working in outlinepass

I want to use oulinePass and I found antialiasing not working in my code,and when I use the outlinePass the picture turned to be very dark ,why? Please help me to find what`s wrong with it.And this is my demo:

Thank you very much!

yeah,when use outlinepass , webglrenderer property antialias equal true will not work。。。if u want it work, could try fxaapass.


i have used the fxaapass in thisdemo ,but it didn`t work too

FXAA is actually used in your demo. You can see the difference if you open two windows and comment out the pass in one of them.

oh, thats true ,using FXAA is a little better than not using it,but Im not satisfied with it, compared with antialiasing with no postprocessing ,the edge is still not smooth enough, is there any solution to make the antialiasing closed to the effect before using outLinePass?

There is other options than FXAA, I understand that SMAA gives better results but is more expensive.

Note that FXAA is a really good trade-off though, it’s less expensive than what you get normally with antialias: true ( MSAA I think )


If you can rely on WebGL 2, you might want to work with multisampled render targets:

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It works! Thanks a lot !

May I ask another question?Why the model get darker when using outlinePass? How can I ajust the color
to the brightness before using outLinePass.

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What have you done then to get sutisfied antialasing? I have the same problem currently. Antialasing is not working with FXAA or if it is, I am not satisfied with the result.