Why the particle in gallaxy hide when I use white background?


I use BufferGeometry and ShaderMaterial for creat particle gallaxy but when I change background scene to white color the gallaxy hide

Maybe its have blending:AdditiveBlending. Try change to another blending

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thank you very
I tried and it is the solution

Should this be done with shader?

Example: three.js examples
material = new THREE.PointsMaterial( { size: 35, sizeAttenuation: true, map: sprite, alphaTest: 0.5, transparent: true } );

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I use

  material = new THREE.ShaderMaterial({
        depthWrite: false,
        blending: THREE.AdditiveBlending,//THREE.CustomBlending FOR WHITE
        vertexColors: true,
       vertexShader: vertexcode,
      fragmentShader : fragmentCode

For white background need to use alpha test or default blending with sorting particles dending og distance to camera but its very expensive 2000 particles 1ms

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Thank you I understand