Why the models aren`t move along on the spline..?

There are two models on my work I wanna move them on spline… But they are go through the direction on spline so far…I want to make them go on the spline… I just tried so much… Below is my project link…

MY Work

Check out how the camera is animated along the spline in this example:


You only have to enable the camera helper via the GUI to see the effect. Maybe you can use a similar approach in your app.

But I dont want to repeat the moving.. I want a end of the move... And I dont know whats the wrong with my code... Its not going along the spline…

seems like when you do stuff like

curveObjectN1.position.set(142.770, -18.800, -364.320);

you offset the spline and it no longer matches your animation


but i want to set spline position like that

then make parent Object3D at that position and place both the curve and animated object inside of it.

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