Why spotlight passing is through meshes?

I dont know why this spotlight is passing through the meshes?
Anyone who has idea how to fix this issue?

const light = new THREE.SpotLight();
light.intensity = 0.25;
light.castShadow = true;

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You have to set castShadow and receiveShadow of the shelf object to true. And the floor objects needs receiveShadow set to true.

I have set castShadow and receiveShadow of the shelf object to true. floor objects I set receiveShadow to true.
But still I can see the light is passing through the meshes

regarding my light, I use this way


Did you check if all children of this object has also these shadow properties updated?

Have you checked Material.shadowSide ?

I set materialNeedsUpdate=true, matrixAutoUpdate=true
Is there anything else that you mean?

I have tried to do all

Side ID Side
THREE.FrontSide back side
THREE.BackSide front side
THREE.DoubleSide both sides


Still the output has no impact


Hi @USMANHEART , have you managed to solve this issue?

It is still the same issue

In your snapshots I do not see shadows. Shadows require four things:

  • To be enabled in the renderer (e.g. renderer.shadowMap.enabled = true;)
  • To be enabled in the light (e.g. light.castShadow = true;)
  • To be accepted by the object (e.g. object.receiveShadow = true;)
  • To be generated by the object (e.g. object.castShadow = true;)

Are you sure you have enabled the shadows in the renderer? When I try to recreate your example, the lights look OK. Here is a snapshot:

Wow, I will test again. Thanks for solution