Why my model does not look as same as it looks in playcanvas?

So I am making a project which we is already made using playcanvas before, I am using the same assets. So Issue is that I have model with same assets as i have in playcanvas but it does not as it looks in playcanvas.

This is how it looks in three js

and this is how it looks in playcanvas

I am using mesh physical material with same parameter you can see in 2nd screenshot, it playcanvas.

Thanks in advance!

That looks like a linear/gamma encoding issue.

Make sure your renderer’s output encoding is set to sRGBEncoding.

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I have set the output encoding to the sRGBEncoding

lighting and renderer setup are all very important things to get tuned correctly, we can’t really guess much from the screenshot here sorry. I’d recommend viewing your model in a few glTF viewers like https://gltf-viewer.donmccurdy.com/ and compare results, this one is open source if you want to see settings.

Using an environment map for lighting is often very important.


I am importing fbx from playcanvas and converting it in glb, fbx does not have any textures so I am applying them manually, is there an issue because of that, some settings i might be missing? also I have same renderer setup as playcanvas, is there any article to understand this thing more or any examples?
Also thanks for replying and sorry for replying late, I was asleep.

I would suggest this as an example for loading a glTF model in three.js with good lighting: three.js examples

But there could be any number of problems here, I’d suggest trying to get the glTF to appear correctly in a viewer first, including textures. I cannot guess what is wrong from your screenshots alone.

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