Why is three js running so slow on mac?

I made website for show room. My 3d model is about 50MB on chrome it works perfect, but on safari I have big problem everythin is so slow. Does anyone know how to overcome the problem?

You can log the amount of time that goes by between the frames, as is described here:

Then you can make tiny changes in the code and see if the time between frames increases or decreases.

You can then use this logging code to monitor smaller snippets of the system as well.

Otherwise we kinda need more information about what it is that is taking all this time.

Sometimes in browser enabled hardware acceleration instead videocard. Maybe and in safari

How to overcome that? I use webpack and source code is light


Here is link, if someone can to solve this problem


a 50mb model imo doesn’t belong anywhere near the web. target 1-2mb max. with a 50mb file it makes no sense to even suspect browsers and platforms because it’s largely irrelevant if your site is fast or not, if people will wait an hour for it to load no one will ever visit it. not to mention that it probably has millions of vertices.

open your shell, i hope you have node installed, and type

npx gltfjsx yourmodel.glb --transform

and also try this for better compression although that will start to affect meshes:

npx gltfjsx yourmodel.glb --transform --simplify
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