Why I get same result by using Object3D.getWorldPosition in some model,but another not?

I tried to use Object3D.getWorldPosition() and create info label.when I traverse model group and get position,positions have no deffirences.but when i use another model,positions are different.I do not know what’s wrong?
there are my code:

 model.scene.traverse(function (obj3d: typeof Object3D) {
    if (obj3d.type === "Mesh") {
      const pos = new THREE.Vector3();
      const position: IMeshPosition = obj3d.getWorldPosition(pos); //获取obj世界坐标
      console.log("object3d", obj3d, position);

I’m afraid the issue is not yet clear. Do you mind explaining in more detail?

My pleasure to receive your reply,
Of course, the original model type is RVT, and we converted it to GLTF.
However, when I use the gltfLoader.load function to load the GLTF model and traverse the model group to get the mesh world position, I only get the same position in different meshes.
I compared this model to another model downloaded from the internet, and the meshes in the other model have different world positions. I am very confused about this.