While drag and drop glb its return undefined

I need help I created drag and drop interface for uploading GLB files while uploading GLB it gives and error of undefined someone guide me where I am wrong

const input = document.querySelector(".dropzone")
const input1 = document.querySelector("#file-input")


function creasteDropzone(){
    const drpcntrl = new SimpleDropzone(input,input1)
    drpcntrl.on('drop',({filesaa})=> load(filesaa))

let rootFile
let rootpath

function load(fileMap){
    Array.from(fileMap).forEach(([path, filen])=>{
            rootFile = filen
            rootpath = path.replace(filen.name,'')

    if (!rootFile) {
        this.onError('No .gltf or .glb asset found.');

      //view(rootFile,rootpath, fileMap)

I think you mean files and not filesaa near the top, that name must be exact. The JS Console will give you more information — a complete error message, and the line number causing the error — which is helpful to narrow things down. It’s best to include those details when asking for help with an error.