Which professional sector use the most three.js ? (and three fiber)


In which sector three.js is the most needed or currently used? Obviously programming, but in which sector?
Is there actually better way to have the same result ?
Thanks for your thoughts about that, I am also searching for that on my side.

Game Development, Architecture and Visualization, Advertising and Marketing, E-commerce, Education and E-learning, Data Visualization, XR Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) …

No! There are none, ThreeJS is the best :sunglasses:


Thank you, how in e-commerce actually ?

If you want some real examples, I suggest you visit the main page threejs.org, there are plenty.

Regrading e-commerce in particular, it can be a real-time product configuration (colors, size, materials …), a 360-Degree Product Views, Dynamic interactive animations, AR/VR Product Visualization, Virtual tour … your imagination and skills are the limit.

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There’s also Babylonjs and Ogl but arguably Threejs is what many consider the go to option. I think that Three is designed cleaner than Babylon, there’s better separation of concern, it doesn’t try to be an engine and just makes webgl accessible. Speaking of which, Three is also more accessible than Ogl whose target market is people that are comfortable with making their own shaders for everything.

Do consider pairing it to React.
You are still writing Threejs but with cleaner semantics and less code. And you finally participate in an eco system. Not having an eco system, except dispersed libraries or examples, is what blocks you the most because every little problem becomes a rabbit hole of chores. If you dream of making high profile things that you see agencies do, that would require you to be an expert in everything, years of study.
With React it’s basically the same as web dev, where you worry about structure and composition more than technicalities, because things that you don’t need to reinvent are available on npm.

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I like the resolve :joy:

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Yes you can use THREE JS professionally…but you also need to have other skills… My father is a director in business for a tech company…he explained it to me like this…It’s great if you can use just this one tool and make amazing websites…but when you work for a company and a team…you need to yes have that skill…but if you have a wider variety of skills that also pertain to that…then it’s more likely to be used in a professional setting/way…

Hope that helps!


@JacksonUptain I totally agree with you, What general skills do you suggest? I personally think that understanding 3D computer graphics’ concepts could be of great help

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I’ve only been coding for 1 year now…and for the entire time I’ve been working on 3D stuff.
I am by no means a professional, but I would definitely recommend making your own 3d game engine. I know that sounds weird, but ever since I did that, I’ve benefited greatly.
If your not interested in making it…I recommend watching videos by ThinMatrix about 3d Java game development…there are several videos that are purely explaining how 3d graphics work and the concepts carry over 100% into Three JS, JavaScript, react 3fiber…etc…

Let me know if I’m being vague or not…if you have any other questions or are interested in working on a project with me just shoot me an email: Jackson.uptain@gmail.com