When I use deformation, I can't expect the effect

I created a shape key for the model in the blender for the moving intermediate hole. It is normal to operate the display in the blender, but the deformation in the three.js appears in the picture. Does anyone know what is going on?

As the arrow shows, he has many strange shapes.

Does anyone know why he might cause this phenomenon?

I’ve had this issue before with blender and the boolean modifier. When you cut shapes with another shape and try to export it, blender does some funky triangulation of the mesh which cuts right across the hole you made.

To fix this, I triangulated the part of the mesh myself and that seemed to fix it

Thank you, can’t use Boolean commands, right?

Is it also caused by using a morph animation?

I don’t have recent experience with Boolean operations in Blender, but my experience from a couple years ago were not good. Blender’s Boolean operations at that time would create really choppy geometry, at least when the input geometry was low-resolution. It was not like a CSG system at all.

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I’ve heard they are going to replace it with a much better “Voxel Remesh” operation in the 2.81 version, coming out November. Looked pretty awesome in the preview

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