When do we want clipShadows to be false?

When do we want clipShadows to be false?

I imagine most of the time we want a shadow to match what we visually see, otherwise it doesn’t look right.

Help me imagine a case where we don’t want clipShadows = true.

The original implementer said in Clipping planes by tschw · Pull Request #8465 · mrdoob/three.js · GitHub

Shadows must be switchable. In some of these cases we’d want occluders to be cut, in others we wouldn’t.

Further down the issue:

The dream API would have global clipping planes on the camera to mask the viewport - ones that do not affect occluders when rendering a shadow map (just because you can’t see the object doesn’t mean you can’t see its shadow).

Is clipping objects with the camera frustum going to make things more performant that it is significant enough savings to want to do it? Doesn’t culling solve most of that (minus some object parts that stick out beyond the frustum edge, and is that not good enough)?

Any other cases?