Silhouette objects at clipping plane

Hi, is there a method to reduce geometry by silhouetting objects at a clipping plane?

Here is my example:

Do you mean something like this:

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I would like the clipping plane to render objects as silhouette or make them appear shadeless yet still appear in the view-port. Similar to how you would change objects at a certain distance from the camera - I would like to change how that object appears. In my case, a silhouette.

Do you mean something like that:


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Yes, except he wants his clipping plane to be the cameras near plane.

Similar to how you would change objects at a certain distance from the camera

^ probably describes fog. However there is nothing similar between fog and sclipping.


This would be a clipping plane that changes the actual material or appearance of an object.


In my case,
I would like to lower Geometry as well as the material

You can do this with a local clipping plane. The trick is to make two copies of your Object A - one with the “real” material, and one with a black material. Then clip the “real” object as it passes through the plane

I guess you might encounter z-fighting artefacts (where the silhouette and real objects are both visible at once and flickering over each other ) in some cases with this technique, you could probably play around with either scaling down the silhouette object a tiny bit or setting the render order manually if that happens, or even make a second clipping plane with an inverted normal and use that to clip the black silhouette.


This is great. Thanks. Be interesting find a way to keep the vert count down.