What would i need to look into to create a stretch plane for geometry?

Hey guys, first time posting here been lurking for a while :stuck_out_tongue:

I have a little project I am working on which works with kitchen cabinets, I am generating all the geometry for the cabinet using BoxGeometry. However, the frontage for the cabinets can be a little more complicated due to how some frontage can be framed.

I currently use a piece of software called Chief architect that uses a really cool feature that allows me to set up planes based on the geometry which stops the model i import for the frontage from stretching when resizing the cabinet.

I am not looking for code but more or less a point in the right direction of how i could achieve this using three js based on me modeling it in blender then importing it into my scene.

I have already achieved the dynamic transformation of the cabinet by feeding it live measurements however i donโ€™t want my frontage to distort when scaling on x and y.

Any info would be much appreciated :slight_smile:

p.s love this library, currently using blazor server to try and make this all work :smiley:

You could make the frame out of 4 separate pieces (like itโ€™d be done in real life) and then change their lengths to match the middle part when you scale it.