What version of react-three-fiber can i use with react 16.14.0

What version of react-three-fiber i should use with react 16.14.0. I have npm errors with latest version thats requires react version >=18. Also i try to install more oldest versions of react-three-fiber but can’t. There are same errors like that.

Try here Discussions · pmndrs/react-three-fiber · GitHub

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@forerunrun thank you

you can check github releases for that. react 16.14 was released october 14, 2020, that corresponds with any r3f 5.x release, back then the namespace was still called “react-three-fiber”. i would still just update react, there are no breaking changes in 16 → 17 → 18. but there were breaking changes in fiber, how “attach” works for instance.


@drcmda thank you for answer