React Three Fiber installation interferes with reach/router

I am struggling to understand the error with my react three fiber npm install.

What packages are conflicting in the following error? React version is 17 and the reach router works fine with it. However, when fiber is installed, reach router breaks.

What versions do I need to fix for the issue below?

fiber is not just a library or some component, it is a renderer, just like react-dom or react-native. while react-dom renders jsx to the dom, and react-native to ios and android, fiber renders into threejs. the renderer is tied to react, which is giving them tools to do what they do (turning jsx into platform elements). react-dom@18 can only work with react@18. same with fiber, current version needs 18. either update react, and imo that would make sense, 18 contains no breaking changes, or use an earlier fiber, i think @7.