What used 3D format?

I am struggling for a few days with

I’d like to know what used 3D format and what used WebGL library.
Is it used threejs, isn’t it?
How can implement like that url?
Please help me.

This doesn’t look like it’s using three.js to me. I see at least one reference to SceneJS, it may be based on that. The file doesn’t look like any standard format I’m aware of. I’m not sure whether this website’s copyright allows reuse of its data, so I’d prefer not to help with guessing about how that could be done.

Dear there
Thanks for your reply.
I also think using SceneJS.
But, SceneJS can import .OBJ, .3DS, .MD2
So, I think, perhaps used obj, 3ds, or md2.
How about think?
And the URL is free for sharing from any domain.
Thanks again.