What geometry is not disposed


I have paid great attention to correctly disposing mesh/geometry/materials etc. when an object goes away. Having manually removed all of my objects I am left with two undisposed geometries. The scene only contains Physijs Scene, and 2 perspective cameras. Using webGLRenderer.info i see 3 children, 15 programs, and some textures.

Is there a simple way to determine the actual remaining geomtries, so I can label them and track back to their owner??

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Keep in mind that the engine also creates internal meshes e.g. for the scene background which can’t be cleared by the user.

The only way to get more information about cached entities is to set a breakpoint in the renderer and then inspect them via the debugger. It should be easy to identify geometries if you apply a unique name to them.

Sigh…shakes head. Sitting here, gazing at the skybox, how did I not think of that geometry…thanx!

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