What does (bis) means?

Was looking at how three.js uses github pages for inspiration and noticed there are commits with “(bis)” in the title. What does that mean?

Not an important question at all :slight_smile: just curious

@mrdoob This question is for you :blush: .


Haha! It’s just a random thing I started doing and kind of liked it… :nerd_face:

Kind of means 2nd try. (bis) (bis) means 3rd try, etc


“Encore” is the english version. In Latin America they usually yell “otra” (another).

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“Bis” in russian mean show intro or play music again if its very good music, try again.


The Americans/English may have adopted the term, but its origin is definitely in the latin/roman langauage family, which even may have taken over from the Greek:

encore: spanisch, french
ancora: italian

you may have seen this in a Russian piece of music, but this special musical terminology goes mostly back to Italian.

In general, the preposition “bi” (Latin origin) refers to the number 2 (two), like in

bi-ceps: muscle having two “heads”
bi-cycle: vehicle having two wheels
bi-sexual: a person having a preference for two sexes
bi-furcation: a road forking into two continuing roads
bi-gamy: being married to two (or more) persons

last but not least: binary (bi-nary) refers to two states.