What computer should I get for creating animations and graphics

Hello. :slightly_smiling_face:
I want to buy/build a computer for creating animation and graphics. :framed_picture:
What should I focus in selecting? :computer:
RAM and videocard? Or yet powerful processor? :grey_question:
What’s not so important? :thinking:
I would appreciate for examples of configurations. :gear:
I would like to inexpensive and functional computer. :roll_eyes:
Thank you so much. :pray:

It very much depends on what you mean by “creating animation and graphics”

As you are asking on this forum, I suppose you mean “modeling and animating low poly 3D models with skinning and morphing, to be displayed in realtime in a browser”. In this case any mid-range laptop would do really… Just spend a little more for a decent gpu, and you’re good to go.

A good model for realtime rendering is a cheap model. Low poly count, low texture size, etc… You don’t really need a monster to work on this kind of asset. Also having an average computer for testing will keep you grounded, you’re not making websites for a selected elite.

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Technical specifications of my laptop:

Processor Intel® Core™ i3-3110M CPU 2.40GHz


Video card NVIDIA GeForce GT 630M

Unfortunately some animations working slow. :neutral_face:

Can you give examples of GPU?

Maybe wiser to take stationary PC?


If you don’t need a laptop for laptopish reasons like mobility, definitely.


I have been using a mid-range 17" laptop for some time. But the still small size of the display was a problem. I no longer need absolute mobility. But the PC was not allowed to take up too much space either.

The solution was a self-configured mini PC. With upscale performance and two decent screens.

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Good idea. I would like to know more about videocard. 4Gb will be enough?Inked1_LI

That depends on the specific needs and what you can or want to invest. :thinking:

It should always be more for high-end graphics games, otherwise 4GB is certainly enough.

Take a look at the corresponding tests.

Search e.g.
4 GB or 8 GB GPU
4 ГБ или 8 ГБ GPU
4GB oder 8GB GPU

I found many recent articles. :slightly_smiling_face:

4 is basically enough, to be sure and to go with it longer i would go with 6.

For development it is always better to have more than the end-user regarding DCC tools/content creation or running the app/game multiple times simultaneously like for multiplayer testing etc, it will overall consume more than when only the game runs with most things closed or being idle. However, with WebGL apps/games you rather won’t need that much or should not use that much depending on where you expect it to run on, mobile devices have significant less VRAM.

Thank you. Then I will look with 8. :grinning:
It’s cheaper than 6, by the way. :thinking:

I have a pretty tight budget.
I want a balance between price and quality.

i bought a lenovo p53… great device, but maybe too much power for people who do not do 3d modeling/animation/rendering

Can I say I really respect the candor and concern this community has in regards to newcomer questions like this.


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