WebVR Flight Simulator

I made a simple but realistic VR Flight Simulator in WebGL and THREEJS for Oculus Go, but maybe works also with other devices such as Rift and Gear but not tested, inspired by this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZKyOM7rMN-k , repository: https://github.com/shervin88/WebVRFlightSimOculusGO

this is the link of the Sim if you want to test it:

I hope someone could be interested to fork and improve it, thanks

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Enjoyed the video, thanks. Links to github and Sim are broken. Can you provide a working github link, please?

Hi, I try to reupload again, unfortunately the server was free and because of the traffic was low, it shut down the game

@shervin88 If no links to the project are longer available (even the GitHub repository seems to be deleted), it’s probably better to delete the whole topic. What do you think?