Vision Pro Simulator

Was anyone able to run a three.js example on Apples vision pro simulator? We tried for example this one: three.js examples

The button says “WebXR not supported”, but I have seen a video of someone making it work. Was wondering if anyone has some hints into the right direction…

Seems like WebXR is not supported per default on the visionOS?

We were using the Beta 2 simulator.

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Hey Tom! The ThreeJS VR examples should work out of the box on the Vision Pro Simulator. To get the examples to work you first need to enable WebXR in the simulator. There are WebXR-related feature flags that you can enable in Settings > Apps > Safari > Advanced > Feature Flags (the defaults are off).
I hope this helps!

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Hi Felipe, thanks a lot for your answer. This actually solved our problem, we did not find the feature flags at first, they are quite hidden… Thanks for your reply!

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