Website pricing question?

I am in the process of building my own personal website and I really like , I am referring to the 3D part.

My question is how much does something like this cost and there are artists that can do something like this here on the forum?

Just creating a 3D website is relatively easy and cheap - people get pretty much all the basics covered after finishing Threejs Journey. But the results and satisfaction can vary greatly, depending on the dev you pick.

Creating a website at the level of those made by Utsubo (sougen, utsubo, konpi) or Lusion can easily reach 6 digits in terms of pricing, and weeks in terms of execution. There’s surprisingly a lot happening under the hood in this quality of projects - things you’d think come out of the box with threejs, but in reality require technical experience, optimisation, and three.js core modifications.


Holy moly, six digits, that’s insane!

Hello @Tibi
So excited.
I can try to create this website based on my experience in 3D designing and development.
In my opinion, it’s price mainly depends on the design quality and in my case, I will charge $16K and estimate 2 months as a time line if I design everything from scratch.

With 16K I will move in some worm place is too much :slight_smile:


I got a response from the sougen team, a website like that would cost about 10k so it is not event close to six figures…

They have the benefit of having successfully done it at least once. $10K may seem like a lot until you realize the amount of experience they are bringing for that price to deliver a finished product.

I think 10k is the correct price for something like that but more than 10k is too much from my point of view.

10k€ for a project of Sougen / Lusion quality does not sound too realistic, taking into account just the standard dev rates in western countries, but I may be wrong in this case.

Three.js rates are higher and can indeed easily go six-digits for long, complex projects - unless ofc you asked for a super bare minimum portfolio without fancy stuff that Sougen website has (most importantly, make sure you’re reaching out to studios directly on twitter / email, not here or discord. Jobs category and DMs here are a literal phishing village fueled by auto-reply bots claiming someone else’s work as their own :smiling_face_with_tear::fishing_pole_and_fish: )

I spoke directly with someone from their company… this is the reply…

"Hello Tibi, thank you for reaching out.

For a concept + design for a project similar to Sougen it would cost around $6500 (USD)
For the 3d modeling part around $2000 (not including the full Metaverse world on the website)
And if you need support on the dev for complex tasks our daily rate is $750.

Let me know if you need more information."

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Is a private email, not sure if posting publicly is very nice? :smiling_face_with_tear:

But regarding the pricing - yes, 6500$ is design, then 750$ per day for dev work, which matches the standard developer rates I mentioned (75-100€ per hour.)

Assume the basic design takes one month to implement - that’s 18.000$. If it’s more complex, like Sougen, and involves some little networking, like Sougen, and custom three.js modifications, like Sougen :smiling_face_with_tear: - it’s not unreasonable for development to extend past 5 months at which it indeed hits six figures.

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I do not need them to do everything for me, the 750% support is just if you need support for complex stuff…

I would try doing it on my own using spline design. It’s really easy to learn and you can combine it with Elementor to realize what you want

I am not an artist… my design skill are inexistent :slight_smile: