Webgl_modifier_simplifier error


i am trying to use webgl_modifier_simplifier but i am receiving the error

Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'hasVertex') at collapse (SimplifyModifier.js:362:21)

the model i am trying to simplify does not have uv’s but the geometry seems to have been indexed ( .glb exported from blender ) i have also tried with other models which have been uv’d and the modifier works great.

would anyone happen to know why i’d be getting this error with certain .glb models and would it be related to the uv’s?

thanks for your time.

Do you mind sharing the glb file that produces the issue?

yes, here’s some parts of the model
test_06.glb (2.6 MB)


i have tried exporting the meshes outside of their parent null objects and it seems to work but i need to keep the entire tree heirarchy before hand,

the issue arrises when i import the file i shared, traversing the imported scene, extracting only a clone of child.isMesh, applying the parent matrices to preserve orientation and position, this process is somehow causing the above error when then trying to use { SimplifyModifier }

Hi @Mugen87

also i’ve found that even without the use of { SimplifyModifier } this model does not respect the binary encoding option when using GLTFExporter it’s likely a bug with the original exporter which i think was possibly a primitive cad to gltf type thing…

would you happen to have any other suggestions than using a 3rd party program to manually un-nest these parts of the glb?

Hey @Mugen87 did you happen to get an insight as to why this may be happening with the model in question?