WebGL discord server

If any of you people are using discord, you might want to check this server (:x:server is dead :x:) it has some 150 people right now and #three-js channel.

edit July 2020 - munrocket is doing another server at https://discord.gg/EaZ6Ww3


Thanks! :star_struck:

Looks like the invite link expired

I’ve updated it :+1:


I think it was actually the same server as in Discord server with Three.js

Did this server die?

It was killed after they banned the guy who made it from 3js github. You can use https://discord.gg/HF4UdyF for 3js in the mean time.

Ahh man that’s a shame. I liked all the non threejs channels that other server had. Thanks for the new link in the meantime.

This server is restored: https://discord.gg/EaZ6Ww3