Webcam virtual try on by three.js

I want to do a virtual try-on, capturing the person by webcame, and then using the 3D model in FBX file, sticking the clothes of the 3D model onto the person . how can I do this by three.js?

Depends - what are you using to turn webcam footage into 3D FBX models? Is there any UV mapping? Does it have to work in real-time?

Three.js is a 3D rendering library - it does not give you an ability to turn 2D webcam feed into 3D models. But it will allow you to put some clothes on a 3D model, if you already managed to extract one.

yes , work in real-time, i have 3d model and uv map info and it’s realy worked well by snapcamera, but I want to implement it using a front-end js without Snapcamera.