Creating a Virtual Try-on System

I am trying to make a virtual clothing try on system using three.js. In my system I want to have an editable 3D model (i.e. I can edit the chest, waist, hips, etc of the model) which I can use to try different clothes generated by an ML Algorithm.

I am having trouble figuring out how to create the editable 3D Model.
I saw an existing solution which uses three.js to do the same. Can some one shed some light on how can I achieve this?


This is a very old repo, but it’s a good start,

demo link:3D-TShirt-Design

This does help a bit, but what I wanted help with creating an editable human figure.
The way lets the user pick the different measurements of the body, I want to add that to my website.

I found something called SMPL which produces a 3D model which can be edited. So maybe there could be something to mimic this in three.js.