Web3 games in three.js

Hi, our CoinStash team is working on a series of web3 browser games in threejs. Thanks to the Three.js opensource code and community we are making great progress!

We are customizing Sketchfab this opensource code from swift502 and plan to distribute the TokenRacer game under the GPL3 license, copy left. Here is the Sketchfab playable demo.

We will share TokenRacer here very soon. For now you can play another CoinStash game from our partner developer that is a work-in-progress, Burnout: Full Throttle (desktop only for now)

Also, we are considering to make CoinStash an opensource web3 ecosystem so we can build with like minded community members. Would love to get your thoughts and invite you to join our community. CoinStash Discord

Coinstash is a series of web3 games with play to earn economy using the STASH token. Coinstash brings together video game developers, community, partners and players to create a thriving web3 ecosystem. Stay tuned to play TokenRacer, a fun multiplayer mini-racer.

If you have a three.js mini game you would like to propose please be in touch here or dm @fazerbeam in telegram.