Water & Water2 issue when upgrading library

I’ve recently migrated from versions 77 to 107.
All is ok, except for water.
Is there a trick to quickly change from water to water2. Or stay by the old water, but there are a lot of errors with webGL and shaders.
Thank you in advance.

Water2 is not intended as a replacement. It’s just an alternative implementation with focus on water flow.

What warnings do you get?

Checked again, not about shaders but something with renderer (old water in ThreeJS v 107)

and so on…
but they appear in NW.js from 2017 :slight_smile:

I’ll check in newer NW.js as well as online on Chrome. (and I’ll let you know)

When upgrading the library, you have to ensure to upgrade all examples files like Water and Water2 to the same release! Never use files from different releases.

In any event, the warnings are related to a change from R102 (see Migration Guide). The parameters renderTarget and forceClear were removed from WebGLRenderer.render(). It might be possible that you have to perform some migration tasks in your code if you relied on these parameters.

You are absolutely right, I suspect the water implementation is from v77 ( or other ver.). It’s a huge jump from 77 to 107, I’ve made a mess along the upgrading-way. Thank you very much for your help.

FIXED :slight_smile: many thanks.

Once ogain.
On v77
How use the Reflector to get the same water-mirror effect (as below)


I suggest you study how the official example of THREE.Refractor does work.


There is everything I need.
BTW here:

88 -> 89
Thanks a lot.