WASM memory access out of bounds using DracoLoader on Mobile Browsers

Just to report in, I see the same issue across the draco-encoded glb models I use in my project on Android Chrome, never seen it on desktop browsers, models are all blender exports, generally a few hundred kilobytes compressed, around a meg uncompressed. Extremely inconsistent on if it happens or not, similar 80:20 success:fail rate, randomly across all models. The actual exception I get seems to vary too: sometimes it’s “memory access out of bounds”, sometimes it’s “table index is out of bounds”.

(Curious - do we have anyone reporting this on a gltf file instead of glb?)

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Also seeing this issue after updating to 1.3.6. Models that previously loaded fine fail with the same messages reported above about 20% of the time on Android Chrome.

I’m having the same issue with a gltf exported from blender that’s only 3.97Mb. I’ve tested in on chrome/desktop, firefox/desktop, firefox/android and it all works well, it’s only on chrome/android where the error happens. I reduced the model to 1.43Mb with the decimate modifier in blender and it loads well in chrome/android. I don’t know exactly what’s going on, for I’ve loaded much larger models and they load well…