Draco & bufferGeometry loading problem in mobile

I am using 70 draco gltf files in my page.

It works fine in pc but when I tried to open page in mobile it crashed with below error.

RangeError: Array buffer allocation failed
    at new ArrayBuffer (<anonymous>)
    at new Float32Array (<anonymous>)
    at decodeAttribute (5ad126a7-bf3c-413d-9853-ccbf7620cece:313)
    at decodeGeometry (5ad126a7-bf3c-413d-9853-ccbf7620cece:262)
    at 5ad126a7-bf3c-413d-9853-ccbf7620cece:173

Is there issue with memory or anything else?

According to the error message and the fact that this happens on mobile I suspect an out-of-memory error.

You can easily check the memory allocation on Desktop by opening the task manager of Chrome.