geometry.setAttribute error when opening draco compressed glb

I’m trying to open a Draco compressed glb file(compressed using gltf-pipeline) in my THREE Viewer hosted on my site using the latest THREE.DRACOLoader and the draco decoders. Getting the following error. Can someone help me out?
Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: geometry.setAttribute is not a function
at THREE.DRACOLoader._createGeometry (DRACOLoader.js:201)
at DRACOLoader.js:164

To get helpful answers quickly you’ll need to share your code or a demo, rather than just a screenshot of the error. We cannot reproduce the problem without more information.

Also confirm that you’re using a version of DRACOLoader from the same version of three.js as the three.js script you’ve included. If the two are out of sync, they may not be compatible.

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Ohh sorry… I think i should check out the version first. I’m thinking it might not be the same.
Can you tell me how to check the currently used three version? i have the three.min.js file which a previous dev had pulled and used. With no git version control there anymore, i’m not sure how to check this?
Anyways attaching the code here.
glb file is hosted in dropbox and decoders are locally hosted using http-server.

Actually i got it. Version was the problem here. Once i matched the version, the model opened