Multiple requests of draco_wasm_wrapper.js

I am not sure but is it right if my app is requesting multiple draco_wasm_wrapper.js files, almost 10+, feels like it is seperate request for each model because I am using multiple draco compressed models (not sure how many tbh) but just wanna know is this right behavior? I am using react-three-fiber.

if you can look the above pic, you’ll see 7 seperate draco_wasm_wrapper.js requests and there are few more which are not in view and i get an error saying ‘Webassembly.memory():could not allocate memory’ in mobile devices, could it be because of this?

answered this here: multiple instances of draco_wasm_wrapper.js · Discussion #1733 · pmndrs/react-three-fiber · GitHub

in short, the fetching should be normal, but you have the cache disabled. i can only hope that gltfloader doesn’t re-parse wasm from scratch each time it’s instanciated.

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