VSM shadows LightShadow.blurSamples and PointLight

is LightShadow.blurSamples supposed to work with a PointLight shadow when using VSM shadows?
Whatever value i use the shadow map is not blurred.

No sorry, the VSM blur pass is not supported for point lights. Only for spot and directional lights.

Is it possible to set the shadowing technique per light? For example VSM for directional/spot lights and PCFSoft for pointLights? I like the results of VSM shadows but since our scene may contain different light types the global approach is not the best when we have a point light

No sorry, that is not possible. It’s a global setting.

I think it is a common scenario to have a scene with different light types. Is this limit going to be overcame? Do you have any suggestion to achive best shadows in a scene with different light types?