VR Lego made with threejs + cannon

Hey Guys, I’ve made a small game demo of lego in VR with threejs, maybe I’ll expand it into a full game.

View the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NOCpuSBZ2Ew
You can play with it live here: Brick Fusion
The code is here: GitHub - felipereigosa/brick-fusion: VR Lego


nice! that’s pretty cool!

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Wow this is my dream game, build Legos, now we can build Lego without actually buying expensive Lego pieces.

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Haha, have fun. If you want more/different pieces, just open the lego.blend from the git repo in blender and export whatever set in the colors and amount you want. If you ever want to do this, send me a message and I’ll write a little tutorial on how to do it (it’s not hard but you have to do things in a specific order)