VR Dolly camera makes object clipped away


In order to make teleportation possible in VR, I decided to make the world move arround the camera, this previously woked well but is tedious to maintain.

I just tried to use a dolly camera to make the VR camera move in the scene (I tried with a PerspectiveCamera as well as simple group), but this unfortunately makes the object disappear.

Below a sample of how I made it:

this._dollyCam = new THREE.Group();
this._worldObjects = new THREE.Group();

this._camera = new THREE.PerspectiveCamera( 70, w / h, 0.1, 100 );
this._dollyCam.add( this._camera );

this._rootScene.add( this._dollyCam );
this._rootScene.add( this._worldObjects );

I use the _camera object to render the scene.

When adding objects to _worldObjects and moving the position of the _dollyCam, the object disappear excepted when I am looking at them on the side. Whenever I quit the VR mode, everything looks OK.

This looks like an issue with how the VR camera works, but if someone has a nice hack, I would be glad to hear it!


  • Three.js 0.87.1
  • Firefox 57.0
  • Windows 10


Hi, I have the same issue on r91. Could you find a solution?


I don’t remember it was long time ago. I think I kept offseting the world instead of the camera.