Visible property of Transparent Material is not work

I wanted to hidden some mesh by using visible property of material.
It works for opaque material, but not works for transparent material.
Please help me if anyone suffer from this problem before.

I’m not sure I can follow. In the following example, a mesh with a transparent material sets its visible property to false. As a consequence, it is not rendered anymore:

Thanks for your reply.
I checked it.
But my problem happens in when using SpriteMaterial.
By the way, I checked it in your js fiddle.

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Oh, this is actually a bug in the renderer! Let me fix it:

Thanks for reporting this! :+1:

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Yes. You are right.
It must be changed.
So what is the work around for now ?
I am using Three.js rev-101.

You could try to set the opacity to 0. Otherwise, pick the dev version of three.js as soon as the PR is merged.

I used colorWrite property of Material. ( sure it works )
I think the mesh with opacity of 0 is sent to graphic pipeline anyway.
Is it resource waste ?

Correct. So it’s best to use the fixed version of the renderer if it’s important to you.

OK I got it.
Thanks very much for your help.