Video transition effect

Hello All,

Created a simple web template with video transition effect.
You may like it! Let me know.

link: deploy3


Thanks for sharing your work. The transition is nice. Is it the same transition or there is some randomness in it? (I was not able to tell, because its too fast and the background is not static)

What bothers me is the reflection in the puddles. It shows lights from a building, but the building is not seen because of the smoke/fog. It is just strange that the fog blocks the direct view, but allows the reflection.

Thanks for sharing your view.

It is the same transition for all. Adding randomness will be good and will try that.

The reflection in the puddle thing is a video from pixabay not a 3D scene.

Good day!

This is amazing! I often see this effect with images but no with video.
Could you share the code so maybe I can work in other transition effects?


That’s cool, man

Hi, here is the code.

its a kind of online editor. Total 8 transition effects available to choose.
Line number 552
transition = new Transition(effect6);

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