Alternative to a Spotlight for my animation

Im trying to recreate the animation from the video but I can’t seem to get the last part of the video, the moving light part.

I asked for tips already but I don’t want to use an actual spotlight, since that create realistic light while im looking for a more retro “fake” light.

Does anyone have a solution for me, or a way to change the spotlight lighting to look like the video?

Is a semitransparent circle gliding over the text sufficiently fake for you?

You may add a second overlapping circle to make the center more whitish, as it is in the video.

Yea if I can add multiple circles to simulate the transition then I suppose that would work. How can you do this?

You create a mesh with circle geometry and semitransparent material. Then in the animation loop you move the circle. That’s all. The code of the above video is here:

I’m sure you can now do the effect you want.


Wow here I was trying a bunch of complicated things while it was this easy.

Thanks man this is great.