Video texture no longer updating after entering WebXR mode


I have several video textures with “needsUpdate” set to true. These play videos perfectly fine in non WebXR mode.

However whenever I’m entering WebXR mode via VR headsets, the video textures often will no longer update and gets stuck at the last video frame, with sounds still playing in background.

How can I set the video textures to continuously update, keep the video playing even upon entering WebXR mode?

Thank You

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I just had what sounds like the the same issue and was I fixed it by updating the html video tag to:

<video id="video" loop muted crossOrigin="anonymous" playsinline style="display:none">
    <source src="./img/vid.mp4" type="video/mp4">

it was

  <video id="video" width="640" height="360" loop>
    <source src="./img/vid.mp4" type="video/mp4">

before and somehow that fixed it for me.
my JS is

const video = document.getElementById( 'video' );
videoTexture = new THREE.VideoTexture( video );;

Your mileage may vary - good luck

I am getting the same issue as @jcy and when I saw this thread, I had a glimmer of hope!

But alas this doesn’t solve it for me. I’m using a pico neo 3.

I also have the Pico 3 and this issue still persists. The above solution didn’t really work for me.

I tried to get more info on the pico forums but no luck:

Several things tend to brake when entering WebXR, and the solution often requires days of work. That should be strong motivation to make your own custom VR environment and get rid of all the limitations and shortcomings of Google’s and Facebook’s format, including dependencies on their apps and browser. If stuck you could take example of Mozilla’s polyfill.