Vertical text inside a table

How to draw a table like vertical-table this and also how to add the vertical text inside it using THREE.js.
Please help.

Just out of curiousity, why do you want it in Three.js?
Maybe combination of THREE.WebGLRenderer() with THREE.CSS3DRenderer()/THREE.CSS2DRenderer() would work somehow.

Consider there is some object beside table and I want to show that object’s property in tabular structure, that’s why I want it to be in three js but the combination that you suggest is also fine for me.
But I’m new to three js so don’t know how to do that.
So can you please help me.

Well. I’d use html table atop of a renderer.

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You could start with the css2d_label example.

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It’s not clear about the table. Does it need to be “tied” to the object and have to move with it?

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Yes,the object and table should be tied.

Follow @looeee 's advice then :slight_smile:

I somehow doubt that the table entries would float around freely in 3d space. There might be no configurations of projected 3d points that would at all resemble anything like a table.

Actually this is what I have tried. vertical-text.html (2.7 KB) ,but I’m not able to put the text inside a table.